Negotiations & Acquisitions

Our goal is to obtain a satisfactory settlement, based on a valuation in the best interest of the client and property owner. The client’s price schedules are always strictly observed. Our agents conduct negotiations professionally, tactfully and efficiently. All contact is documented and recorded. Our agents make themselves available whenever and wherever a property owner would like to meet. Negotiation services are in accordance with the Land Acquisition Policies and Procedures Manual, Exhibits and Visual Guide of the State Department of Transportation. Additionally, all negotiation and acquisition services shall be performed in accordance with any additional policies, procedures and practices.

Property Acquisition

Our land acquisition specialists can help you acquire property to keep your project on schedule and within budget. You’ll benefit from our team’s knowledge of local, state and federal property acquisition guidelines as well as their ability to explain construction projects and the effects they may have on property owners.

Excess Land

We will obtain title commitments, Plats of Survey and Appraisals necessary for the conveyance (or exchange) of any excess land generated by the project as determined by the client.

Complete Documentation of Transaction

All correspondence, communication and research is carefully documented and made available to the client in a complete report.